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Dec 19, 2012 7:00am EST
migration where we saw net immigration of 200,000 a year, too many people across a decade, that is to cities the size of birmingham today in our country every year. and not one word of apology for the mess they left. my honorable friend makes an important point as the transitional controls come off the country. i look carefully at what he says. we do have rules to try and restrict access to benefit. we will go on working to try to make those as robust as possible. i mentioned the national interest clauses in the statement on europe on monday. i think those can only be triggered if the our emergency conditions but i look carefully at what he said. >> a month ago the prime minister told the house that universal credit is in place work incentives for people at all levels of income. why then does the department now say that universal credit will mean that working women will consider getting off work? >> that's not the case at all. universal credit means because we are bringing different benefits together, what it means is that people will always be better off in work and people always be better
Dec 12, 2012 7:00am EST
plymouth might become involved in the small cities super broadband initiative, and help us to rebalance our economy and attract private investment? >> i'm very happy to meet with him, and i know that he stands up for a stronger for plymouth ever plymouth economy. he rightly says that on the science budget we made a decision right back at the start of this government to freeze the science budget rather than cut it as so many of the budgets were. i'm sure that was the right answer. since then we've added money back into the science budget. on broadband i will look carefully at what he says about the city broadband. of course, i'm sure he will be glad to know the devil and somerset have been aggregated over 33 million to deliver superfast broadband and we're working very hard to make sure all those plans are on track to deliver the super part broadband is important for cities but also important for world areas as well. >> -- rural areas as well. >> the prime minister and members of this house will be -- [inaudible] the police have stated there's evidence of loyalist parliamentary involved in s
Dec 5, 2012 7:00am EST
city, not once the new carriers arrived in a few years time and i am sure my hon. friend will welcome the peninsula, twenty-five billion pound package that could create 1,000 few jobs. >> margaret beckley. >> in june of 2010 the prime minister said despite the deficit reduction plan he would only assure there was, quote, note increase in child politics. the fees stand by that? >> we are doing everything we can to tackle child poverty and it has come down. the point that we specifically did was we increased the element of the child tax credit that goes to the poorest families. >> in the wake of criminal convictions of the staff who repeatedly abused people living at hospital is it not time those who take the fees employee the staff and supervise staff are themselves held to account with a new offense of corporate neglect? >> i listened carefully to the point my right hon. friend makes, there have been some appalling incidents of completely unacceptable levels of care and people in those organizations of lease subject to the law as they should be and if the law has been broken p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3